1. RXO operates in the $750 billion for-hire truckload industry. Brokers like RXO continue to take share in this market.

  2. RXO has first-mover advantage with proprietary technology that has been developed over the past decade. RXO’s market-leading platform leverages cutting-edge technology to give RXO massive capacity.

  3. RXO’s blue-chip customer base is diversified and long tenured, and our differentiated sales approach is winning us more business.

  4. RXO’s asset-light model generates strong returns and can pivot to grow profitably in any market. We have a proven approach that, year in, year out, has driven above-market growth, extremely high return on invested capital, and strong cash flow.

  5. RXO has a culture of excellence. We have an experienced leadership team that has a history of delivering exceptional results and is laser-focused on continuing our enviable track record.